Dalbeattie Civic Daze organises Community events and Celebrations in and around Dalbeattie.

Although in the past there was a Civic Week celebration, this had fallen by the wayside since, as with all such organisations, it is often left to a few volunteers who eventually become exhausted with the continual effort.

Dalbeattie missed its civic celebrations, however, in 2007 a group of residents formed what is now known as Dalbeattie Civic Daze Committee with the primary aim of reviving a sense of civic unity and pride in Dalbeattie and,  as in the past, the key event was the Parade on Civic Week Saturday.

Since its revival in 2007, Civic Week has gone from strength to strength with many and varied activities and events throughout Civic Week, not to mention the many fundraising events throughout the year which makes it all possible.

The parade is not the only event however, and there are various events throughout the preceding week, including a car treasure hunt, quiz night, prize bingo, pet show and children's party. On the big day itself there are lots of fun and games in Colliston Park throughout the afternoon and into the evening, ending with a fireworks display.There are also various fundraising events throughout the year to raise funds to put the events on.

Since 2007 the Civic Daze Committee has expanded its activities and now organises the annual Flower and Produce Show and, for the first time in 2012, Dalbeattie had it's first venture into a half marathon.

Due to the success of this event, another very successful event was held in 2013 and, as the saying goes, 'one thing leads to another'.

Thanks to the successes of the Dalbeattie Hardrock Challenge and the Civic 10k and Half Marathon, it was brought to the attention of the Marathon Committee that there was a need for a running club in the town in order to help sustain local involvement in these events.

The idea of a running club was discussed with members of the community and, as a result, the Dalbeattie Civic Running Club was born, with their very first meeting being held at the Bandstand, Colliston Park, Dalbeattie on Tuesday 13th August 2013.

Dumfries Running Club very generously have agreed to allow us to be affiliated with them and will be on hand in the first few weeks to help facilitate the organisation.

The Club is open to everyone over the age of 16 and, most importantly, of all abilities. So if you walked the half marathon this year and fancy a new challenge, or you want to improve your Hardrock Challenge time, then hopefully this will be the place to start.

Not only is the aim of the club to sustain events in the town, but to build on people's experiences and foster new friendships and help to improve the general fitness of the town. 

For further information, contact Keith Dickie on 01556 610143 or follow one of the links below.

Civiv Day 2014
Galloway Pipes and Drums Civic Day 2014
Civic Day Parade 2014
Civic Day Parade 2014

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