Healthy Dalbeattie is a community led partnership aiming to improve health and wellbeing through increasing physical activity and reducing carbon emissions by increasing walking, jogging and cycling levels.

In 2013/14 the Healthy Dalbeattie Partnership decided to undertake a series of consultation events to determine local actions that would support the community to be more active more often. A coastal path from Dalbeattie to Colvend was identified as the top rated action to achieve this. In 2014, the Healthy Dalbeattie partnership received funding totalling £187,000 to start infrastructure works and health promotion activities to achieve this community aim.

The partnership identified the potential to utilise the existing core path 20 as a means to connect Dalbeattie with Barnbarroch and Colvend while giving easy access to the Coastal villages of Kippford and Rockcliffe for both travel and recreation purposes. Promoting health and wellbeing through accessible opportunities was prominent in the project development as was encouraging through promotion the world class outdoor environment at Dalbeattie Forest which research has shown is under used by local residents.

Cycling Routes in and around Dalbeattie

Shorter Routes and Forest Tracks

Road Routes