Marion Gardner

Highclere Barnbarroch DG5 4QS

Phone: 01556 620388



Thai Massage Room & Spa
Authentic oriental pressure-point Thai massage
from qualified practitioner, Noi McIntyre
Craignair Street
Dalbeattie DG5 4AX
Phone: 01556 611 623 or 07799 664 993

Jan Gray

Millisle, Dalbeattie

Phone: 01556 612425


Aromatherapist offering Slavic, Meridian & Acupressure  Massage, Massage for People Living with Cancer, Stone Therapy and Manual Lymph Drainage (Vodder Technique). 

Whether you have a specific health complaint or just realise the importance of reducing stress and building relaxation into your lifestyle, Aromatherapy offers something for everyone!

Manual Lymph Drainage helps stimulate the lymphatic system to remove excess rubbish and fluid from the body's tissue. It can offer relief from complaints like fluid retention eg swollen ankles & legs, chronic complaints like sinusitis, tonsillitis, arthritis. It promotes healing of sprains, strains & scars and its relaxing effect can have a gentle impact on headaches, migraines & digestive problems due to stress. 

I have moved to a gorgeous new therapy room in Millisle, Dalbeattie. Visit my Facebook page at


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