When the Carbon Action Team were in Dalbeattie, as well as helping households measure and monitor their carbon emissions, they made available many other things to help us improve our carbon footprint. One of these measures was encouraging us to buy locally and source local produce and plants wherever possible. They compiled a selection of wild food recipes based on plants which grow abundantly around Dalbeattie.  The collection and cooking of wild food used to be a common activity for all country folk.  Many people alive today will no doubt remember collecting wild food. 

The Carbon Action Team's aim was to encourage everyone to get back out there and try the wild food available around Dalbeattie.  It's free, highly nutritious, tasty, fun and low carbon!

Click on the links below to download the leaflets. 

Eating healthily is a key low carbon activity. Making sure we get at least 5 portions of fruit and veg every day is the best way to ensure excellent health and wellbeing.

To that end,  here are some recipes that are low carbon, whose ingredients can be bought in Dalbeattie, which are tasty and which are packed full of healthy goodness.

Other Recipes